Guiding Principles: How Great Project Teams Behave

If there’s one thing we all seem to share, it’s that at some point each of us has had a role on a project team that is assembled to create or implement something new. Indeed, project work is how things get done in business—how we innovate and transform. Clear project plans with roles and responsibilities, … More Guiding Principles: How Great Project Teams Behave

Brand Alignment: Part 2 — Cultivate a “Stewardship Mindset”

Ever wonder who owns your organization’s brand? Surprise! It’s you, and the person sitting next to you, and the folks down the hall, and your colleagues across the country and around the world. Yes, a brand is owned by all of the people in the organization for which it stands and that ownership comes with … More Brand Alignment: Part 2 — Cultivate a “Stewardship Mindset”

Brand Alignment: Part 1 — Start With Strategy

The impact of brand alignment is the greatest where the financial resources of an organization are in shortest supply. Nonprofits live that every day (but the lessons learned apply to all organizations). Earning the trust of a local community is tough. Getting people to give of themselves is even harder. Asking donors for money? It’s the … More Brand Alignment: Part 1 — Start With Strategy

Branding Primer: my interview on WVOX “Westchester Means Business”

This afternoon, I chatted with John Ravitz, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Business Council of Westchester. Segment 1 is a quick primer in branding and business, resources and budgeting. Segment 2 starts with a discussion on how branding is not a choice, and then delves into doing business in Westchester.

On Purpose

When you think of today’s strongest brands, it’s no longer just the image of the logo. Rather, it is the mental image of a story or an experience that presents a much richer narrative of that brand: BMW’s joyful drivers, Patagonia’s fearless climbers, or Apple’s simple, flawless and ubiquitous geometry might come to mind. These are brands with … More On Purpose