Working together

Why work with me?

Effective communications 

As your organization changes within a shape-shifting landscape of competition and audience purchase drivers, how you communicate makes all the difference. 

Two common business situations elevate the need for clear strategic communications.

Evolution: Perhaps you’re embarking on an M&A, separation or spin-off, need to rationalize a new products or services architecture, are out of step with your market, or are under more competitive pressure than you historically have been–whatever the driver, there’s an imperative for the business to evolve and there’s a new story you need to tell.

Alignment: communications from within the company lack consistency or coherence and your prospects and probably even your own people are wasting time (and maybe losing business) overcoming confusion related to what you say you do, what you sell, and how you talk about your value.

Best-in-class chops at a shingle-shop price

I serve companies of all types and sizes, from local non-profit organizations to regional SMBs, national enterprises, and global brands. I learned my craft as a management consultant specializing in strategy, account management, and implementation at some of the most renowned design and brand consulting firms in the world (Gensler, Lippincott, Siegel+Gale, and Interbrand)

When the need arises, I can also act as a fractional CMO for B2B organizations that have an ongoing need for strategic communications guidance. 

…it’s true.

Three ways of working with me


In this role, I become a member of your staff who is delegated the authority to plan, develop, and implement the work subject to the restrictions of other members of your staff, the department, or your leadership team.


In this role, I become a force-multiplier for you by increasing the depth of resource capabilities you already have but are not able to apply (because of scarcity, for example).


In this role, we enter the relationship with the notion that management issues can be dealt with effectively only by joining my specialized knowledge with yours, and problem-solving becomes a joint undertaking. We work to become interdependent, collaboration is essential, decision-making is bilateral, and our relationship is characterized by mutual respect for each other as individuals with distinct professional domains of expertise.